Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Baybayin Keyboard on Android

A keyboard application for Android phones include baybayin script

Screenshot 1 (the baybayin keyboard)
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3 (showing the settings/language selection)

Font used: Baybayin Modern Print Font by Nordenx.

A new update was made available include the change of baybayin font use. The latest update now feature the font Tagalog Doctrina by Paul Morrow which is based on the typeface used in one of the very first book printed in the Philippines, the Doctrina Cristiana of 1593 which is the earliest documented form of the Baybayin script.

Screenshot 4 (the baybayin keyboard)

Screenshot 5 (showing the Tagalog Doctrina font)

 Screenshot 6 (showing the settings/language selection)
Now available for download on Google play: MultiLing Keyboard and MyAlpha

Note: Most Android phones are not supported by the Unicode range of the baybayin so you can only see boxes in most applications like built-in browser, Facebook, Messenger, and messaging. It can only appear properly in MyAlpha. It is advisable that you need to type in MyAlpha and copy-paste it in your browser, messenger etc. 
MultiLing Keyboard

*Screenshot from Xperia Mini


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