Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baybayin Basic Chart

There are numerous baybayin charts available but some are not original and with extended characters which are unofficial and not standard which could mislead someone who is still new to the script. This one is a remake of the iconic Ilocan syllabary chart taken from the Francisco López typefont of the 1621 Ilocan Doctrina Cristiana (Líbro a naisurátan ámin a bagás ti Doctrina Cristiana nga naisúrat ití líbro ti cardenal agnágan Belarmino quet ináon ti Fr. Francisco López, padre a San Agustín ití sinasantóy). The font used for this remake is the Baybayin Lopez font created by Paul Morrow based on the same typefont.
In addition to the chart, there are equivalent marks for comma and period but it can also be use to other punctuation marks such as exclamation point and question mark. Another glyph created by a Dutch anthropologist Antoon Postma is the pamudpod - a vowel cancellation mark virama now accepted by the Mangyan people in Mindoro.

*Note pamudpod glyph taken from Baybayin Modern Sulat font by Norman Delos Santos

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