Sunday, September 20, 2015

No More Boxes!

The release of Apple's iOS 9 on September 16, 2015 focuses less on new features and more on under-the-hood optimizations, as well as battery improvements but in baybayin, this is the finest day. iOS 9 expanded its Unicode range on its System font by utilizing the Google Noto Font which includes Tagalog, Buhid, Hanunoo, and Tagbanwa script. Now it can be seen the baybayin clearly in iPad and iPhone that has iOS 9 version. No more squares or boxes in messaging, messenger and safari browser.

Screenshot in Safari

Screenshot in Safari
Screenshot in Messenger
Screenshot in Messaging
However there is no fully supported third-party baybayin keyboard yet that can directly type the script but it can be done through a separate customized keyboard by Unicode Pad. Simply type in and copy-paste it to desired messaging.

Screenshot in Unicode Pad with customized baybayin keyboard

With the inclusion of baybayin in iOS 9, it paved the way to a broader and wider field in cyberspace and communications. More people will be able to use the script for communication and has wider access and exposure to the world. This cemented the script together with the existing scripts like Korean Hangeul, Japanese Katakana/Hiragana, Chinese Hanzi, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic and others, ultimately placing it to a full-pledged living script.


  1. So I need the paid version for this or okay na ang free version? I downloaded the free version Pero di ko alam kung saan ang Baybayin script. And I think kailangan ko yung full version para maka costumize ng keyboard. Tama?

    1. Update: you can now download the baybayin keyboard by Christopher Castillo for iOS for free, just search in the Apps Store.

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